You thought that expensive carpet type you had installed in your local Fort Worth office building would have wowed guests, but they only seem to turn their nose up at its lingering musty smell. And while the sales associate swore up and down that tile would look great in a Dallas commercial kitchen, you have cooks slipping and sliding all over the place.

While some floors may offer some benefits and charm, and it?s difficult to beat the performance and cost-effectiveness of stained concrete flooring. Simple to install, long-lasting, and highly versatile, you won?t believe what it can do when applied to your profession.

Frisco Hospitality Buildings

Hotel lobbies, convention centers, meeting spaces and more all have one thing in common. They have to accommodate professionals who also work in the hospitality field, as either your mentors, rivals, or allies.

And as anyone who works with world-class travelers know, some floors wind up taking away from an indoor space rather than add value to it. When you have epoxy flooring that looks cheap against expensive d?cor items, or it creates too much ambient sound and light reflection, it only harms the senses of everyone walking through the lobby.

Rather than making the same mistake as others in your field, stained concrete remains a superior choice for many. Not only can the materials take on the appearance of marble, tile, and many other surfaces, but they don?t require much maintenance, either.

Whether you need your floors to mimic pricey stone panels or epoxy coating, the right installation team can accomplish it all for less. See why more area business owners prefer stained floors in their hospitality headquarters.

polished concrete floor in office building

Manufacturing Plants Dallas

While you will likely find more examples of polished concrete for manufacturing centers, some can quickly get away with saving a little more with stained floors instead. Both have their benefits and their place, but sometimes, they could get used interchangeably.

Any sites that process and transports corrosive materials will likely need some form of epoxy flooring. Although stained concrete would withstand the impact of a steel barrel falling over, its contents may make short work of where it spilled out.

However, if you make custom pieces by hand, or manufacturer lighter items free from acids and chemicals, you may find stained floors an ideal choice. When you know that your plant is a safer place to operate, you don?t always need the same flooring materials as everyone else in your field.

Depending on what it is that you create, you could see lower installation fees with stained concrete surfaces. Keep more cash in your wallet and consider stained concrete floors.

Ft. Worth Educational Buildings

Public schools have similar growing pains as communities or local governments experience. While you keep pushing for higher attendance, more students mean continually expanding your campus.

When you have wall-to-wall laminate flooring or wax surfaces, they stay cheap to install but increasingly pricier to maintain. And because of all the daily foot traffic, your cleaning crew is going to waste hours every day buffing out new scuffs and scratches.

Rather than rely on linoleum or vinyl floors that don?t retain their luster, stained concrete provides a more straightforward way to keep your educational buildings fresh. All they require is water or mild detergents to preserve their like-new appearance for longer.

Best of all, since these floors stay made out of concrete, you?ll see that they outlast any roll of vinyl surfaces. You would do yourself and your staff a favor by making the change today.

Food Services Frisco

It can feel as if every restaurant since the 1970s has relied on cheap tile floors for the kitchen and short fiber carpets for the dining room. However, since the practice has continued for so many years, it?s beginning to appear outdated, even when they are brand new installations.

Rather than requiring two different types of floors, or more, stained concrete goes on once and gets dyed in sections. You can still recreate the divided areas that you had had before, with a more straightforward process.

And because you only have one material getting used, you can quickly complete all of your maintenance and upkeep at once. You will also notice that spills, crumbs, and dropped food items won?t stick as badly as they do to vinyl, and you can clean any area up quickly.

If you operate a local food service company or sit-down restaurant, a new application of stained concrete can breathe new life into your building for not a ton of expense. See why more chefs are making the change with stained concrete instead.

Stained Concrete Commercial Flooring

Stained concrete will take on the traits of marble, tile, steel, and many other surfaces without much hassle at all. The right installation team can leave you with floors that appear natural, elegant, and durable.

Because they remain the concrete slab you use for a foundation, every building already has much of the installation needs in place. Simply call Dallas Epoxy Pros for the highest quality of stained concrete around.

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