Because of heat, changes in weather, and its durability, many homeowners throughout the Dallas, TX area have turned to epoxy flooring for their residences. However, all of the available epoxy floor styles can quickly bring any decision to a halt.

How can you know which flooring solution will provide the most useful without draining your budget? Here are some of the more popular flooring choices that Dallas Epoxy Flooring provides that many homeowners trust.


Solid Matte

Solid matter epoxy floors is the ideal choice for those who favor function over style. While the final appearance is not much more brilliant than the initial concrete surface, it goes on quickly and saves you money.

This no-frills approach to epoxy floors helps you protect your home while preventing more dust, debris, and messes from spreading. Many people rely on solid matte epoxy for their garage floors, while the process can get used virtually anywhere.

Your straightforward approach to epoxy floors can still enjoy several choices for final coloring. Select from many different solid shades, including:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • And other singular tones.

If you aren?t searching for anything flashy, your solid matte floors provide many years of use with little maintenance required. See why these sets remain a favorited flooring option today.

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Epoxy Flake

While solid matte epoxy might look at home in your garage, you likely want a bit more pizazz for other applications. Whether you?re considering epoxy as interior flooring or you need more than a solid color, flake systems remain the ideal choice for many.

By applying any number of additives, our team can help you achieve a broad spectrum of customized appearances. Whether you need something that looks more like a showroom or floors that dazzle daily, we have many different options for you.

Some chips use different colors to capture unique patterns, while others remain more uniform for a focused finished appearance. No matter which options remain best for you, we have the perfect solution each time.

From shades of metallic colors and textures to randomized patterns, your epoxy flake floors will stand out from the rest. See why these flake additives stay a popular solution for flooring.


Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors, also sometimes known as glow and stain flooring, similarly performs like flake products. However, rather than adding in flakes after the product gets poured, the coloration takes place within the material.

As the pigments harden within the epoxy resin, it develops a deep, three-dimensional shine. Not only do these surfaces remain durable, but it adds lots of luxury and value to your home.

Whether you?re looking for a traditional dazzling effect or an attractive indoor flooring alternative, metallic epoxy turns heads every day. Unlike other flooring choices, these epoxy applications also provide increased durability and last longer than other options.

For an upgraded epoxy system that lasts, you won?t find a more stunning selection than metallic floors. Contact us today and discover more about installing it in your home.

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Self-Dispersing Epoxy

Self-dispersing epoxy floors are among the most industrial in appearance. Typically used in warehouses, garages, and other high-traffic areas, these systems offer the classic candy shell appearance most people know.

Although these styles of flooring often produce a slick outer surface, a secondary coat can get used to adding texture. Many installation companies rely on quartz sand or artificial flakes to increase the floor?s slip resistance.

While they may not be the preferred choice for indoor living areas, other homeowners enjoy the more industrialized finished appearance. Whether you?re going for a specific theme or colors and patterns throughout your place, some residents select this style time and again.

These floors can withstand daily mechanical traffic, meaning that even heavy pedestrian use leaves a minimal impact behind. For a simplified way of enjoying epoxy flooring systems, these are the preferred systems new owners trust.


Mortar Epoxy Coating

While not an epoxy floor installation, mortar coating goes on as the final top coat. As it combines the durability of epoxy with the lasting defense of mortar, these floors are the ideal choice for frequent heavy impacts.

Whether you operate a company out of your garage or enjoy welding as a hobby, mortar epoxy coatings prevent more forms of damages from occurring. You?ll find superior protection against heat, impact, vehicle use, and more, all without spending a fortune on pricey materials.

Choosing a mortar coating, however, doesn?t mean you get fewer customizable choices during installation. These projects still rely on sealers, primers, and texturizing agents to produce a flooring system you?ll love for years.

If you still feel unconvinced about complete epoxy floor applications, mortar toppings are a great first attempt to see if you enjoy them. Contact us now and hear more about your options today.


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