One of the toughest and most stable finishes you can apply to your garage floor is epoxy coating. Dallas Epoxy Pros provides the high-quality and industrial-grade epoxy garage floor coating at affordable rates. We have highly durable epoxies that can withstand the pressure and heavy load, as well as resist any substance that can damage your flooring.

We are your expert contractors for your epoxy garage flooring needs. Our proven track of providing excellent outputs within the timeline required has made us one of the in-demand flooring companies in Dallas and other surrounding areas. We will revamp your dull and simple garage into a radiant auto showroom without disrupting your day-to-day affairs.

Residential garages nowadays have become more than just a place to park your car. Dallas Epoxy Pros have transformed many garage floors into a professional looking floor of elegance and function.

An epoxy garage floor coating is not your typical paint or latex acrylic products. Epoxy is part epoxide resin and polyamine hardener and when combined gives epoxy its strength.

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Your garage keeps thousands of dollars in automobiles, tools and who knows what else. So it is important to give some love and care it deserves.

  • Epoxy floor coatings will enhance the brightness of your garage floor
  • It offers a hard-wearing durable exterior that can withstand heavy and non-stop traffic
  • Resists stains, chemicals, oils, waters, and any other substance that can damage your floors
  • Epoxy garage flooring offers heightened safety with its anti-slip surface, heat, and water resistant features
  • Low-maintenance

When an epoxy coating is done by an amateur, it can end in disaster. You can trust that our flooring contractors are experts in their crafts. The end result is an epoxy garage flooring that is resilient and sturdy.


  • Flake Filled Epoxy Coating
  • Metallic Epoxy Coating System
  • Epoxy Quartz Broadcast System
  • Epoxy Quartz Trowel System
  • Polyurea Flake Decorative Floorings System


  • Dense, slip-resistant textured finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Contains no solvent allowing for interior application without emitting any harmful odors
  • Highly durable

Dallas Epoxy Pros is committed to quality and completing the work in a timely manner. Contact us for your flooring installation and polished concrete flooring needs. We guarantee excellence, superior methods and high-quality materials that will last for a long period of time.


Concrete designs are now one of the hottest trends in concrete floors, entryways, countertops, pool decks, concrete patios and many more. Though concrete grinding may seem sharp, rest assured that working with concrete is no longer dull and plain, it is now thought of as fancy decorative element.

Are you on the lookout for decorative concrete installation, repair or maintenance of your property? Dallas Epoxy Pros has been decorating concretes to thousands of residents of Dallas and neighboring towns. We take pride in providing our valued customers with only the best in attractive and long-lasting decorative concrete flooring. Our honest and dependent contractors understand your needs on how to bring your brilliant ideas to life.

It is a well-known fact that beside the walls, floors make up one of the largest parts of an interior design scheme. Nothing beats decorative concrete. It creates an impressive and artsy ambiance in your residential, commercial or industrial property. The expertise and craftsmanship of our company and our concrete contractors will enhance your flooring style to the next level.

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