While launching your company already has dozens of considerations and expenses, something as minor as your choice in flooring can mean the difference between success and failure. And while some industries demand the use of specific material types, more businesses now have turned to polished concrete floors over any other options.

It may seem surprising, but more savvy business owners are discovering that no matter what they might need from their floors, polished concrete offers it. Continue reading and decide for yourself if it?s time to make the change.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is among the most frequently used commercial floor materials for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and its reflective abilities. If you?ve ever walked through a massive retail store and asked while only half of the lights are on inside, it?s because they have epoxy flooring sending much of the casted light back.

However, some industries handle harsh toxic chemicals that require a hardened shell, or else any spills will eat through the surface. Polished concrete likely won?t stand up to any acids knocked over, but epoxy floors can better withstand corrosion.

However, polished concrete is just as sturdy as epoxy, and it can even withstand daily heavy machinery use. It stays easy to maintain and to clean and is ideal for many industrial applications.

Whether you operate a local Dallas manufacturing center, industrial storage, or compete in similar sectors, you may find that polished concrete is a wise choice. Unless you have a specific preference for epoxy floors, you might want to consider polished concrete.

Epoxy Coating on automotive shop floor

Epoxy Coating

Many businesses, especially those in the automotive sales or repair field, depend on epoxy coating for their floors. These surfaces take concrete slab foundations and allow a chemical reaction to take place to create durable surfaces that remain tough to damage.

Unlike garage flooring paints that only offer a minimal amount of increased protection, epoxy coatings enjoy a hardened shell that keeps the actual flooring materials safe from any hazard. However, over time, the epoxy shield will wind up peeling away or splintering into chips, that must get repaired as they get discovered.

Polished concrete, on the other hand, withstands most blunt force, and its smooth, even finish helps prevent it from stripping away. And its improved strength rating allows it to perform better than epoxy coatings, minimizing your repair fees even more.

While epoxy coating floor systems have their place, you may find that polished concrete is just as great, if not better, for your business. Both are worthy to enjoy in your company, but one always performs better.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete floors stay popular because they cost less than polished concrete without losing out on much of its benefits. And because most stains go on with either water or acids, it quickly takes to your custom patterns and colors.

However, because the staining agents remain close to the surface, these permanent paints do fade away. When they get installed in your busier pedestrian areas, you could see restaining appointments soon after their initial installation.

Although they cost a little more than stained floors, polished concrete remains more durable and is more fade resistant than stained applications. And while you could follow up your stained concrete installation with a clear coat application, by then, you would likely be ahead of the game going with polished floors.

Stained concrete is an ideal choice for those looking to save more on their commercial floors. You may find that the more cost-effective solution is going for the higher installation fees for polished systems instead.

polished concrete flooring in an office

Polished Concrete

Traditional flooring types will need to get replaced anywhere from eight years to two decades. However, with polished concrete floors, you may only have minor maintenance items to contend with, saving you more over the long run.

Since the early 2000s, everyone from savvy homeowners to businesses owners searching for unique d?cor features have enjoyed the straightforward application and care of polished concrete. No other flooring type remains as durable or retains its finished colors and patterns as long as it does.

Best of all, virtually any building or company can enjoy its benefits without much need for specific installation techniques. It?s no wonder why Dallas Epoxy Pros installs more polished concrete systems than any other material.

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