The food service industry has invested a considerable amount of effort into focusing as much on the interior d?cor of the building as they do the food that they serve. However, the same flooring materials used in the dining areas are not always the best choice for the kitchen staff, and you may be spending too much on dysfunctional flooring.

While some types of cuisine do require specific materials, such as a rustic Italian restaurant deferring to hardwood, most shops can get by with a one-size-fits-all approach. Even if you have tile or wood floors in the dining areas, you can enjoy epoxy in the cooking spaces.

Understandably, not every restaurant owner wants to see a hard, industrial floor installed, but you can?t deny its many benefits. You may find that it is the perfect commercial kitchen epoxy flooring material for your business.

Below are some of the many benefits of using epoxy flooring for your Dallas, TX, area restaurant. When it?s time to remodel, you?ll want to make the switch if you?re not already using it.

Spill Resistant Floors

When you serve meals professionally, you depend on everything going smoothly. If a steaming pot of boiling water and half-done pasta dumps all over the floor, it?s only going to set everything back.

Tile flooring will soon cause a slip and fall hazard, while expensive hardwood will only warp and discolor from the heat and moisture. And while you may have thought you were saving yourself some money with vinyl, it doesn?t offer much help in this situation.

Because epoxy flooring has a smooth, glass-like finish, liquids roll right off the surface. Even if you have an entire pot full of hot, oily water dumped all over the kitchen, a quick pass of a mop should be all that you need to get back on track.

When your floors remain spill resistant, it also means that they are slip-reduced surfaces, helping you maintain a more efficient and safer kitchen for your staff. When other flooring types seem to make liquids extra slick, you won?t have that problem again with epoxy.

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring is good in kitchens

Enhanced Impact Protection

A sharp knife slides out of a cook?s hand, and the blade sticks right into your expensive wood floor?s panel. A dense ceramic plate comes crashing down on your tile panel, leaving it cracked and splintered as well.

Things get messy inside of a kitchen fast, and sometimes the issue worsens once it damages the floor below. Unfortunately, it seems as though the more expensive a material is, the more decorative it becomes.

Some wood floors wind up as too soft for how crazy work can get, while cheap tile quickly shatters under pressure. Even epoxy coating floors, while more durable than traditional materials, might not be enough for daily service needs.

Epoxy flooring has long been the go-to choice for lasting durability and increased protection against impact damage. Not only is the cost-effective option, but the safer one as well.

Stands Up to Foot Traffic

It?s no secret that you get your steps in working in a commercial kitchen. However, what you might not realize is that with each fall of someone?s foot, your floors are taking a literal beating.

Over time, your staff begins wearing a groove into floors, and you don?t notice it until there is a drastic change in height. By then, you would need to completely remove and replace each individually damaged panel, taking longer and costing you more in the process.

Although some kitchens throughout Fort Worth have made the change over to longer lasting floors, like polished concrete, they don?t offer much support for your staff. Instead, epoxy flooring provides a little more give and comfort, helping you maintain your business and your chef?s knees.

Even with the use of rubber floor mats and other accessories, some floors simply wear out from repeated heavy foot traffic. Epoxy floors stay the durable option for your busiest restaurants.

easy clean for Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

Straightforward Cleaning & Maintenance

Many food service buildings have gone for the expense of stained concrete floors because they create a ton of ?wow? factor for not a lot of money. Unfortunately, the more intricate your designs, colors, and patterns become, the more maintenance and care that they require.

When you have corporate branding and logos front and center, it takes daily meticulous upkeep, especially if you are a local Frisco franchised chain. And when you still have the guest dining area, kitchen, storage areas and more to clean, it only eats up more of your time every night.

Instead, epoxy flooring remains a simple surface to clean, and you likely won?t need much than a wet mop to handle it. More stubborn spills might require a mild detergent, but they won?t require harsh bleach-based cleaners.

Simplified daily cleaning also means less maintenance and upkeep, as you?re already having it retain its smooth, even finish. When you need to know you?re getting rid of more daily dirt, dust, and debris, epoxy flooring stays the best option.

Improved Aesthetics

All a restaurant needed back in the day was a single signature dish to draw in a crowd. In the age of Instagram, however, diners are seeking an experience that they can brag about to their friends and family.

While some may not like the industrial appearance of epoxy floors, others remain thrilled by it. They find that it ties right into the room?s overall theme and feel of their restaurant, helping to create an overarching aesthetic.

Many eateries attempt to take their building into a specific artistic direction, but they didn?t go for the added expense of replacing the existing floors. While it may not seem like such a bad choice, it does take away from their attempted theming.

Epoxy flooring doesn?t have to look like a warehouse or a garage, and there are many different options in colors, stains, and finishes. A few moments of perusing through your choices can easily convince you to make the switch.

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