When you run a local manufacturing plant in Dallas, TX, or an industrial chemicals business, you must have epoxy flooring installed in place. Otherwise, you will spend a fortune on maintenance and upkeep, and structural issues aren?t far behind.

However, many people aren?t aware of how they work, or why they do need to rely on them. Below are some interesting details regarding epoxy floors, as well as why they necessary for your needs.

Epoxy Floors are Not Floors

The epoxy aspect of your floors is the hard, candy-like shell that your surfaces retain. The epoxy is a resin that gets poured onto the existing area, usually concrete, where it hardens and adheres with a chemical compound.

The entire process remains quick, and you could see your entire company?s floors coated within a couple of days. The longest aspect is still the curing time, which requires nearly perfect conditions to solidify correctly.

Too much humidity, incorrect heat levels, and early use could easily cause some sections to sag, or even crack and break. When done correctly, however, you can look forward to many years of durable flooring that can withstand any weight or intensity.

When you have rows of dense materials warehoused, or you have forklifts running this way and that, you need a surface that won?t quit. Most industrial business owners know that epoxy floors stay the superior choice each time.

Epoxy Floors Stay Durable when using things such as a forklift

Epoxy Floors Stay Durable

At first, watching your hammer plummet towards the floor sent your heartbeat skyrocketing. However, once you lift it back up, you see that it didn?t even leave a scratch.

Although it may seem like magic, it?s only chemistry that keeps your epoxy floors impact resistant. In addition to epoxy, the secondary agent used in its installation is the curing chemical which changes the surface at a molecular level.

The reason that the surface is smooth and even is that it has a tightly bound structure once the epoxy undergoes its chemical reaction. Like cement or glass, it has such a dense composition that it acts like millions of tiny bricks stacked on top of one another.

Once it has finished curing, nothing will be making its way through the shell, and water and other liquids roll right off as well. No matter what it is that your business does, epoxy floors guarantee that it happens safer every day.

Epoxy Floors Require Little Maintenance

The good news with epoxy floors is that most repair jobs are simple enough to get through without much hassle.

While there are a few different maintenance techniques you could benefit from, daily sweeping and weekly wet mopping will help. One reason why these floors wear out is that trapped dust causes the resin shell to splinter.

And before you worry about tearing it all up and reinstalling it, most surfaces can easily get recoated at a fraction of the cost. You won?t need to have a complete replacement performed until it?s apparent that they can?t continue to get used safely.

The most significant factor leading to prematurely worn out epoxy is too heavy of repeated daily traffic. If you find the cost to maintain these floors are too high, you?ll want to make the change to a different material later, such as stained concrete floors.

Epoxy Floors Require Little Maintenance

Epoxy Flooring Doesn?t Need to be Pricey, but it Could Be

One of the most challenging parts of knowing how much your installation job will cost is determining how much it should cost per square feet. Although it gets created through combining chemicals, it still gets priced out the same was as carpet, hardwood, or tile.

Some installation companies offer it for as low as $3 per square foot, but that is for a standard residential garage. Your company is going to have a far broader area to coat, as well as other expenses.

When you have a commercial account, you could see other factors contributing to a higher cost. If you have experience in installing it yourself, however, you could save more on buying the materials yourself.

Typically, the difficulty of installing it and the scope of your job are what will determine how much that it will cost. If it?s going to be too high no matter how small of an area, you may want to cut back with a less durable epoxy coating instead.

Epoxy Floors Look Industrial

While many companies are changing over to polished concrete for a less industrial appearance, some businesses prefer to retain that aesthetic choice. If you operate a business that doesn?t deal with the general public, you don?t need to worry about appearances as much as other brands.

If you have planned a unique restaurant in Dallas or a construction services showroom in Ft. Worth, epoxy floors will help you achieve the right look and feel for your services. Even in healthcare-related companies, such as a hospital building in Frisco, would benefit from the lasting durability of epoxy.

Although epoxy flooring could become a Do It Yourself project, the longest-lasting surfaces come from a professional epoxy installation team. No matter what you expect to see from your new floors, you can count on Dallas Epoxy Pros for the highest quality for installation or repairs.

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