Polished Concrete – Eco-friendly and Low-Maintenance Flooring?

Polished concrete floors outshine any other type.?It is intrinsically tough, long lasting, and non-polluting. Concrete ones undergo a series of processing steps involving mechanical polishing through grinding. We can get a variety of design options with dyes and stains at Dallas Epoxy Pros. When we start, a?penetrate chemical called a hardener finds a use to penetrate to harden a concrete floor.

Making polished concrete

After this, at least six steps of grinding take place. Polishing concrete makes it impervious to dust. Diamond polishing pads consisting of industrial diamond embedded in metal or resin give polish in a progressive manner. We use diamond blades to grind down all of our concrete. Some of our machines are extremely large and heavy to make sure that we can get the job done right. Concrete has?a?hardness between 4 and 7 depending on the method of concreting we used. Polishing occurs until 800 grit at least. It might even go up to 1500 or 3000 grit level because only this we consider polished concrete.

Splendor and Usefulness of Polished Concrete

Minimalist polished Concrete


Color?or?pattern addition

  • During polishing, we apply dyes to give a touch of color to concrete. Effects such as scoring or creation of bands are normal. Grids, radial lines, and borders give a floor an extra zip.

Eco-friendly construction

  • A polished concrete comes under sustainable design in construction. This is because we build a new floor on top of an existing one. This comes under ?green? construction; it has an approval of LEED.

Strong floor material

  • It is tougher than stone flooring. A polished one does not chip or?splinters like stone, timber, or any artificial ones.

Maintenance is simple

  • It is easy to clean and maintain. We only need water, or a pH neutral cleaner will remove all dirt with ease.

Get a good grip

  • Concrete floors have a high friction value, so we get a nice grip on it. We can increase this value by scoring it.

Reduced dust and dirt

  • Concrete produces less dust. Since it is easy to clean dirt without using any special equipment, you will have a clean surface,?free from dust allergens.

Has a long life

  • Epoxy surfaces last for 5-8 years after which it begins to peel. Tiled ones have a life of 10-20 years. Concrete lasts for a hundred years or more.

Lighting needs are lesser

  • Due to its reflective surface, the amount of lightings needed?is less.?You can install half the lights?you need otherwise. Get Dallas Epoxy Pros to do an estimate for your garage or auditorium.

Places?Where?Polished?Concrete?Floors?Are Needed

Most of the heavy traffic areas such as stadium and meeting rooms need a durable and solid floor.?By installing a polished one, you will see it last for years.

1.?? Public buildings

Large shops or meeting places will witness many people so if a surface is not tough,?you require?replacing tiles and epoxy layers often.?Even hardwoods one will wear out in time it?becomes discolored. Installing polished?floors help to preserve interiors in an easy way.

2.?? Houses or small shops

Small buildings like homes or establishments need a durable floor. Polished floor helps by lasting for a lifetime if not longer. Movement of merchandise and furniture will chip anything without robustness.

Make a New Floor Your Way

Affordable Polished Concrete Home DFW

A polished concrete floor?makes a house special. It adds to the glamour of a house because?you can fashion it in many ways. This comfortable addition will turn an ordinary floor into an individualistic, attractive one that defines your style. This adds to your interior decor without any?other embellishment – give yourself a new polished one matching your Modern or Neoclassical decor.

It reduces maintenance costs not to mention the amount of effort one puts in. When installing, it does not take much curing time.?So, a home will not be out of commission for long. A system gets an upgrade to one that has better value with great beauty. We rid this present house of dust and allergens because there are no joints where dust could gather. A simple vacuum will clear whatever dust or dirt?is?there. If you have people with allergies in your home, this super-clean surface is a wonderful idea.

When we lay a concrete surface, we can tint and dye it or add scoring depending on where you want it. If it is your bathroom, we will score it so you have a grip when you have your bath. If it is a living room area, it will do well to add hues ranging from violet to red depending on the color of?your walls.

Things to?Know When Installing?Flooring

For concrete surfaces, it is important?you know?of?few things right when?the professionals begin work. One is we must consider how big this project is going to be. This is about money and number of people involved. We work out a plan for getting this project?according to?a?schedule.

We think about complications that?you might encounter. One could be?the?availability of material or power. Another could be that of water or?workmen.?We also consider?the?viability of using?every equipment we need on site. If there?are going to be any problems, we check for an alternative before we begin this project.

Before we start out, we check out your floor condition. It is necessary to be fully aware of what we need to do to get your floor back into the condition again. We fill in cracks and holes with?an epoxy concrete filler. How much sand we must add depends on the crack we fill. We get it to dry first. After this, we begin with the coarsest grit for sanding.

Contact Dallas Epoxy Pros for solutions since?we have years of experience?in this industry.?Our professionals will be able to guide you right from your planning stage itself.?We need?to give time for each process by adding dry times. For instance, just as a stain coat will need some time, we give this time even for each sealer coat.

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